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Hi and welcome to my website, dedicated to following my steamy adventures on the adult online game, 3DXChat.

I decided to explore the digital world back in 2015 and being a somewhat mature woman of certain tastes I created a my own persona on 3DXChat to explore, meet people and indulge in things I might not necessarily do in real life. I've met some truly fascinating people and indulged myself whenever the mood or the person took my fancy. Being a bit of a photographer, I decided to mix business with pleasure and share my adventures with you all... I hope they thrill you as much as I was thrilled making them.

I'm a mature adult actress/model as well as owning and producing my own content. I run Studio Boo, a adult photography studio that produces high end, artistic adult content for all, encompassing my steamy on line adventures! As well as working with the Boo Crew I also model for other production companies such as BBCRoyal and Max Norman productions to name but a few!

I also love discovering new talent! So if you are a 3DX user and want to have a go at being an online adult star then you can send me a message on the twitter link at the bottom of the page. So, come and join me as you take you on a trip into the steamy side of 3DXChat. 

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Well hello there...

Name: Betty Boo (or Boo to my friends)

Age: 59

Status: Single

Occupation: Photographer (in real),
mature model and content creator in 3DX

Country: Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde (dyed)

Statistics: 36DD.29.36

Favourite music: Rock,70s, 80s and classical
Favourite food: Thai

Favourite position: On top

Favourite passtime: I think you can work that out ;)

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite drink: Pink Gin

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The Full Story

I was thrilled to discover that Studio BOO has been nominated for a TTS Award this year and won the category for best website! Myself, Boo Crew and friends would like to thank Laura TWK, CheleSaxon and Feliciaxblack for their votes. We will of course bring you more of my adventures in the new year! Thank you so much!

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"Yeah, she's amazing in the bedroom, but its her sense of style that turns me on"

Fenno (3DX Player)


I think the pictures speak for themselves but incase you are still curious, have a look below, then onwards to some of my adventures x

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I love meeting new fun guys to share my adventures and within this site you'll get to see everything I do with them in detail. There s nothing like a hot, attentive guy to get my blood racing!

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Did I mention I love group fun too? I have been a swinger on 3DX since 2014 so I do know my way around a pile of heaving, sweaty bodies. I especially love to meet adventurous couples.

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Being Bi means I get a larger selection of what's on offer so I do like to play with girls too. It has to be said that a woman always knows her way around another woman, and I'm sure you'll love me finding my way round these delicious ladies.

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"Lost count how many times we've done it, but it never gets old. Betty just rocks xxx"

Tobias Elldritch (3DX Player and Ex Husband)



Strip Club Seduction: A 3DXChat Dating Sim

An 18+ Visual Novel with Dating Simulator elements created using 3DXChat.

The Story

It's the early hours of Saturday morning. As you step out of the night club, you are alone, all of your friends having hooked up during the night. 

You would like some female company too but where will you find that at this hour in the morning? 

It's a longshot but you could try the recently opened strip club that is just round the corner. Apparently, the girls there are very eager to please... 


Strip Club Seduction: A 3DXChat Dating Sim includes:

  • A branching story with 20 different endings to experience

  • 8 different ranks to be achieved

  • Animated sex scenes

  • A hidden true ending for the truly determined to unlock

  • Game progress tracked via unlocked images in the image album

How many of the endings can you find? Will you complete the album? Can you achieve the true ending?

Try it out and see how you perform!



A world of possibilities awaits!

3DXChat is the web's newest downloadable interactive game, designed exclusively for adults who want to connect and feel a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D gaming world. Looking for hot virtual 3D sex with a real partner? Join the 3DXChat community with the 3DXChat client. Chat, date and enjoy lifelike 3D sex. Enter the world where all your secret desires come true, where you can be anyone and do anything you want. Create your own worlds with the world editor, here you can be what you always dreamed of being.

Why not give it a try, and who knows you might just meet me on your travels.

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